Friday, February 26, 2010

Links to Art, Artists, and Architecture.

"A Vase of Lilacs" by Mary Cassatt

"Design is Where You Find it" from Edcon Publishing.
”Simon Rodia, Creator of the Watts Towers” from Edcon Publishing.
”From Clay to Art, Exploring the world of Ceramic Art”, from VOA.
”Exploring the Art of Glass” from VOA.
”Textile Arts from Around the World”, from VOA.
”Modern Wonders of The World”, from VOA.
"Margaret Bourke White, a fearless news photographer” from VOA.
”Mary Cassatt” A great American impressionist painter, from VOA.
“Edward Hopper’s Mysterious World”, from VOA.
”Louis Kahn”. He helped to define modern architecture. From VOA.
”Seven Wonders of the World”, from VOA.
"Jackson Pollock" A Revolution in American Art. From VOA.

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